InRWT can provide services in one, some or all of the well abandonment phases. Our planning and operational experience makes us a provider of choice for your P&A activities

Data mining and well assessment

An initial and critical step for any successful abandonment campaigns. We analyse all well related-files such as drilling reports, well service reports, geology reports and well logs (both open and cased-hole and mudlogs) to get a full understanding of the well status both mechanically and in terms of well integrity, as well as the overburden and reservoir geology. This enables the workscope, schedule and high-level cost of the future campaign to be defined.

Data acquisition

This is an optional requirement, however, pending on the findings of the data mining and well assessment step, it may be necessary to acquire additional information. This will enable better understanding of the well stock and will de-risk the future abandonment campaign by narrowing down the workscope and optimising the schedule.

Abandonment strategy

Once good confidence has been gained in the understanding of the well stock status a strategy is to be defined it include answering among other the following questions:

  • How to abandon the wells? Number and location of plugs to meet company* and regulatory standards?
  • How to perform the abandonments most optimally? Via a rig or rigless approaches, or a combination of both? Application of the most appropriate technologies.
  • What is the optimum schedule? Well sequence, chance of success, possible constraints?
  • How does well work integrate in the overall decommissioning workscope? Integration with surface work?
  • Preparation of probabilistic time and cost estimates for the well abandonment scenarios identified.
* We adapt to oil company standards, but use our experience and knowledge to advise and improve guidelines and standards if ground for doing so are justified.

Detailed planning and integration

During the detailed planning phase the focus is on preparing well programs that cover the planned workscope.

This can either be done on a well by well basis or more generically by grouping wells according to the required work for successful P&A. At that point in time there is a good handle on timing and cost and therefore integration of the well work in the overall facility decommissioning plan can be implemented. The detailed planning will also help define the equipment specification for the future work, which will then feed into the tendering and procurement process.

Well P&A execution 

Operations generally bring the unexpected and during that phase adaptability and experience is key to ensure objectives are met while safety and integrity are not compromised.

Close out and lessons learned

At the close of the project, review and root cause analysis are performed to ensure that the future quality and optimisation of abandonment projects can be increased.