InRWT - Well Engineering Services

InRWT is a one stop multidisciplinary Engineering Team that is dedicated to detailed Well abandonment design and cost optimisation.

We Offer Services

Independent technical assistance through all planning phases of a project from initiate and assess through to concept select, detailed engineering, equipment specification, tendering, procurement and final project execution and close-out.

We Offer a Team

Data mining and analysis, geological assessment, log interpretation, well integrity assessment, well abandonment engineering, new technology implementation project strategy, HS&E and regulatory compliance are all integrated to deliver a fully comprehensive and optimized plan for the plugging and abandonment of your asset. 

We Offer Value

It is often underestimated how much time and engineering resources can be consumed by well decommissioning projects that do not create value. By outsourcing their well decommissioning activities to InRWT, E&P companies can reassign their engineering resources to value-adding activities, whilst ensuring their well abandonment requirements and regulatory standards are met.

We Offer a Solution

InRWT provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for your entire well abandonment project engineering needs. 

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